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Perfect for the beach. Everyone wanted to know what it was and where to get it. Wind blew it up with ease but I can see how a non windy day could be fustrating. WARNING:After all the fun in the sun these things will put you right to sleep.

Amazon Customer:Angel

These. are. awesome. We got 1 originally with the intention if getting another later on but we couldn't wait to get the 2nd one because they're so awesome and comfortable! They take a little practice to fill up but once you get the hang of it, then you can fill them quickly and getting to relaxing! We love them so much that we fell asleep in them outside one night. haha!

Amazon Customer:Regina

My daughter absolutely loves these bath bombs. They do not irritate her skin at all. They make the entire bathroom smell amazing and they don't stain the bathtub. I know the little toys are cheap...but she actually loves seeing them come out of the bomb. She keeps them with the other little toys she gets, like Shopkins. I don't mind spending the money on these bath bombs because they bring so much joy to bathtime!

Amazon Customer: Missslucrew

I saw a similar set for more money on TV and liked the idea. The magic trio peeler that I order does the exact same thing, it really works just as well. It peels , scoops seeds, slices Julians and shreds. Cleans easy too

Amazon Customer: tobey salem


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