5 Tricks To Bathing Kids When Your Little One Hates Bath

 There must be the situation that makes parents feeling crazy when the kids have played outside for all day with mud on their face and dust on their hands but still crying for don't want to take a bath. 

 Here is some little tricks to make them be good and happily to take a bath by themselves.



1. Be more creative

 Kids hate bath always because taking bath is a boring thing to them: sitting in the tub waiting for you to scrub their skin and pour some water uper from their head and can't see anything, sometimes bathing water splashed into eyes and all of these make them an impression that taking a bath is not a good idea and not fun at all.

 Add some creative things into bath will makes bath more attractive for kids. Like making a short fairy tale about bathing for your kids, play with your kids in bathing and you can use anything as toys even a shower head, imaging it as a weapon from superhero or a magic stick from fairy maiden and make them laugh out loudly. Maybe your family will add a new member named Mr./Mrs. Showerhead.

 Overall, the key to make bath more funny is parents imagination and love, it's always difficult to communicate with little one, you never know what they are thinking. But it's worth for it. It's the time to use your imagination to make bath seems more interesting to your kids. Don't think it just a shower, a cleaning work, think of it as a play time with kids and at the same time you can clean them.


2. Decorate bathroom

 "Who wanna play in bathroom?" Decorate bathroom with kids favorite toys, cartoon characters, animal patterns and anything can attract your kids interest. Use a giraffe bath towel will better than a white towel. Non-slip carpet with cute dogs on it, slippers with an little elephant who loves bathing himself. No kids can resist this temptation. Make your bathroom colorful and cute, not a white room with cold tub and boring ceramic tile.


3. Comfort first

 Another reason make kids don't want to sitting in the tub nicely is the reason that they are not comfortable. Stripping off their clothes will make some little kids feel unsafe. Slippery floor, tough towel, water splash into eyes. Ewwww...Kids will not like that. Use non-slip carpet and non-slip slippers, soft cotton towel, mild and non-irritating shampoo. Make luxuriant bubbles in tub with suitable water temperature. Let them sit in tub with not too much water seems like playing water, and add water slowly into the tub. Belive me kids will love that.

 Tell kids what you are going to do next. When you are gong to pouring water on their head or washing their skin, tell them before you doing that will decrease their fear. When they are get used to what you always did, you will see they will leave you alone when you are cleaning their body and focus on playing toys. 



4. Add more magic in bath tub!


 Choose the toys which is your kids favarite one. Little rubber yellow duck is traditional but always the best choice for bathing kids. Some of them can "quack quack" to attract your kids attetion. Water gun, toy ship, waterproof animal toys are good choice too, they are easy to clean and reuse, you can easily get them from any supermarket. Be careful don't choose those toys which has sharp edges, that will easily hurt kids delicate skin.

 Change the color of bathing water is a great idea too, bath bombs with surprise toys inside is a good choice for it, luxuriant bubbles with fruit smell always welcome with kids. Pink, blue, yellow, green, which color do your kids prefer? Little toys appeared after it melt out. Your kids will be surprised by this magic!


5. Make it accustomed

 Even a kids who is a extreme bath hater will be shaken after those tricks. Next you need to do is change them to a bath lover. That will be more easily to bath them after you make them feel bath is a daily activity like playing in the garden. Use these tricks step by step, after a week later, situation will be better. Keep doing this and your little one will love bathing themselves.


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