Bath Bomb with Surprise Jewelry Ring Inside

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  • SURPRISE RING INSIDE - Great Home Huge ring bath bombs with surprise inside. each bath bomb fizzies out to reveals a bling surprise ring jewelry. Rings add sparkle to your finger. Filled with love.
  • RING'S DIFFERENCE - Great Home bath bombs inside Over 20 unique styles fashionable and delicate rings for you. Adjustable rings will be comfortable on your hand. Versus other rings are too big or too smaller or ring looks fake or No ring inside.
  • Great Home's DIFFERENCE - SEE THE DIFFERENCE - Each ring bath bombs is delightful of beautiful colors, as it explodes & fizzies with attractive color, the colors swirl around in the tub; SMELL THE DIFFERENCE - the wonderful aromatic fragrance will fill your senses and enjoy the therapeutic benefits as the air fills with wonderful aromas.
  • A MIND BLOWING GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONE - Great Home ring bath bombs are Individually Wrapped with Free Random Gift Inside. Great Valentine's Day gift idea for your Wife, Girlfriend. We promise your loved one will thank you!
  • SAFE & HEALTHY - Great Home Bath bombs made of premium quality ingredients for Your Peace of Mind. Moisturizing oil leave your skin soft & rejuvenated. No artificial flavors or colors. Won't stain you or your bathtub.


GET ASSORTED BATH BOMBS PICKED BY US Great Home ring bath bombs are nothing short of perfect. They smell lovely, fizzies and bubble, make the water look gorgeous and are so beautifully wrapped. Fill your bath with fizzy beautiful colors and amazing aroma and leave your skin soft and smelling yummy! You don't have to apply lotion after bathing, which means you are getting two products for the price of one.



Huge rings bath bombs - bigger than golf-ball VS other small size brand, we are bigger and we'll humbly say better. We hand craft each of our products using only the highest quality ingredients. Lasting sweet aroma - filling you with a sense of restfulness and pleasure that lasts all day. Safe to use - Attractive color but non-stained your tub or skin. No oil ring around the tub! Soft and moisturizes - keep you hydrated but will not leave your skin sticky.

THE BEST PART - They are individually wrapped in a gift boxed. We make sure that you will get your bath bombs in great condition. You will get great quality bath bombs for the amount you paid for. We also used skin-safe colorants.


Fill bath tub with the desired amount of warm water. Unwrap the bath bomb and pop into the tub. Step into the bath and enjoy the exploding, fizzing effervescence and aroma. After the bath, wash free, just dry your body.


Warm tips

Bath bomb to be used in warm water - Not cold to be effective. The water color intensity may vary depending on the tub size and water level.