Arctic Evaporative Cooling Sunscreen Hat

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  • [Promotes Good Health] The Sunscreen Cooling Hat promotes good health by helping prevent people from developing heat-related physical difficulties such as sunstroke and severe sunburns. If you're not suffering due to the weather, you'll be able to continue to be productive all summer long, and you'll also have a lower risk of developing permanent sun-related conditions like skin cancer.
  • [Works Wet Or Dry] To gain access to the evaporative cooling technology that will keep your head up to 20 degrees cooler in the heat, you'll need to wet your hat by filling its inner liner with water. If you'd prefer not to wear a wet hat on your head, though, this hat will still benefit you by blocking UV rays and heat while you wear it completely dry.
  • [Construction of the Cooling Hat] The material of the arctic cooling hat claims to be light-weight, breathable and features ventilated panels that allow air to flow freely.
  • [Anti UV Feature] The UV rays and the heat will literally bounce off the hat and away from you so that you don't become overheated or quickly develop a sunburn. UV rays can harm the eyes and lead to the worsening of vision over time, but this hat will be able to deflect the majority of UV rays before they can reach your eyes.
  • [Can Wear Almost Anywhere] For your own protection, each one is fully adjustable, so it'll likely fit the vast majority of people. Aside from wearing yours while you work outdoors on your own property, you'll also be able to wear it to public places of leisure, such as outdoor pools, parks, and beaches, all outdoor activities like beach, hiking, working in yard, camping, by the pool etc.