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  • New style frisbee disc is made from a soft and flexible elastomer material, so you (or your dog) can catch it without worrying about breaking a finger (or chipping a tooth). The elastomer material is even recyclable.
  • STABLE FLIGHT: This is what makes throwing and catching possible. Level release level flight. Angled release curved flight. That equates to predictable and accurate throws. It's a capable flyer, too, able to skim the air at distances of up to 200 feet (probably more if you’re strong and have the technique down).
  • FUN AND EASY TO PLAY: It looks like a hockey puck, and is designed to be thrown overarm like a ball, instead of backhand like a frisbee. You have more control over its trajectory too. Release it level, and it flies straight. Release it at an angle, and it’ll have a curved flight.
  • POCKET-SIZE: The portable frisbee is ultra portable. This enables spontaneous fun in never-before-played locations. Take it everywhere. And it's buoyant and ready to be played with at the beach or pool.
  • Outdoor sports are essential in summer: This soft frisbee allows you and your family and friends to enjoy unlimited exciting frisbee games which adding vitality to your body.