Pet Nail Clipper Trimmer with LED Light

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  • [THE NEW PAIN-FREE PET NAIL TRIMMER] - Let Great Home highlights the quick, making it easier for you to safely cut your pet’s nails! Your pet never needs to worry about the pain and bleeding that comes when you cut too deep because this nail clipper illuminates the nail, so you always find the right place to cut!
  • [SUPER-BRIGHT LED LIGHT] - Illuminates the nail, easily showing you where to cut. And this pets nail trimmer features a nail trapper to catch flying debris, so you never have to step on or hunt for nail clippings again!
  • [5X THE MAGNIFICATION & DOUBLES AS A NAIL TRAPPER] - The nail trapper doubles as a magnifier to help you see close up. You love your pets and they love you.
  • [PRECISION CUTTING BLADE] - It has a razor sharp, precision-honed blade that lets you cut through your pet’s nails with ease!
  • [GREAT FOR CATS & DOGS] - Invented by pet lovers with the help of veterinarians! The Loving Way to Professionally Trim Your Pet’s Nails Everyday!