Speed Painter House Paint Roller

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  • Speed painter has two different paint rollers attached to it, which will enable you to do a variety of painting tasks quickly. You can use it to paint entire walls, fix up damaged or dull areas, and paint or repaint furniture.
  • Speed painter is made out of many super-absorbent fibers that will hang onto any paint until you touch the roller to a wall or another surface. Hence, the paint won’t drip all over your floor or all over you, and it won’t splatter on your trim, wall controls, or ceiling.
  • The speed painter's two super-absorbent rollers will enable you to complete your painting jobs at about two times the speed as you would with a standard roller. You can use your house paint roller to paint an entire wall, or touch up areas that aren’t looking very attractive.
  • To complete different painting tasks, you can set your paint roller’s rollers so they rest at different angles. If you keep the two of them flat beside each other, you can paint an entire flat wall, plus your inside corners, and if you flip the device vertically, it’ll work well for edging. Alternatively, you can move the rollers so that they create a right angle together, and use them to paint outside corners, or use one side to paint a small space.
  • Speed painter is a great choice of tool when you need to paint double-sided objects, such as railing spindles, deck railings, fence posts, and chair legs and rails, trim, wall controls, or ceiling.